La Piscina degli Olmi

The 7 ha estate of 'la piscina degli olmi' is a famous archeological site of which many artifacts ended up in the museum of Piombino specially dedicated to the village area of Populonia and the Golfo de Baratti. It is for that reason that it remained a natural environment. This makes it a unique chance to be able to build on the sloping hill a center with old building methods of earth architecture.

Site plan of La Piscina degli Olmi

Detail of site plan

View of the Bay of Baratti from the site

Drawing of the projected center


The project of La Piscina degli Olmi is an exceptional example of how to live in harmony with nature. The site has a well that fills a pond in a bamboo and reed grove along with oak and elm trees that create shaded places. In other words it's a great place to be for who loves nature, the songs of birds and the dance of fire flies. The site as an agricultural area combines eco- and agri-tourism in a small scale with the workshop on earth architecture as scheduled for the summers to come. 

View from the site with right the reed grove.

Il rifuggio, the caravan and the landrover.


La capanna under the oak.

La cucina


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