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Panoramic view Haaften Your Dream house doesn't necessarily have to be like this "space age" concept house, but it shows that we can realize unusual demands.
Model Haaften house
- Realize Ideas

You may have ideas. The designing-process is putting structure in the complexity of requirements and ideas. We can put it into form and visualize it. We can make it concrete from design drawings into contract drawings and work out the details for its realization. Then we can make working drawings for the builder and finalize the plans for the construction. We can supervise the realization according to the plans.

hotel polen

Designing with Complexity ...
arts & crafts center

Based on Simplicity.

- Deal with Complexity

To realize a building project is dealing with complexity. Designing is primarily organizing the decision making process. In our opinion esthetical qualities can only be realized through a well-organized decision making process. We see that as part of our work to communicate the progress of decision-making in the form of writing and drawings. Within a well-structured communication process the right and conscience choices can be made concerning layout, form, materials and how to place it into the environment.   

- Create a Healthy and Ecological Building

On a higher level of quality the care for health and ecology can become part of the decision-making process. As in every phase of progress an overview is required of qualities versus costs, in the same way health and environment can be included factors of choice. We regard health as response to environment the decisive factor as much as the essence of creating a building is to make interior and exterior spaces that are well conditioned. 

house in Rossum

Creating a Natural Sign Language,
House in Haaften

In Harmony with its environment.

- Realize Optimal Esthetical Qualities

In the line of qualities we consider esthetics a function of health. Also we consider esthetical qualities a result of good decision-making, which in turn is a result of good communication. At the same time we can contribute our skills to harmonize the build-form with its environment and realize harmonious proportions between its elements and a well-balanced composition. This way architectural form can become meaningful as a language and living image in the life of people. It is eventually the senses, working together in harmony, that know what is pleasing and therefore health inducing.

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