-- How we can proceed to make it happen

- The building program

The client has to define his/her wishes in a building program, which has to be developed with the architect into an itemized list of requirements. These requirements have to be transformed at first into sketches, but then into full design, working drawings and specifications. A budget has to be established, that can fulfill the design ideas.


A Misty Beginning.


Foundation of the house in Haaften.

- The legalities of building

One aspect of the building process is its legal implications. To build is to realize real estate and is generally subject to various laws and building codes. A building permit may be necessary before the construction can start. As part of this legal frame a relation can be established with an architect, first for advice, then to produce the necessary design and work drawings, which are necessary to fulfill the legal obligations.

- Contractor or owner/builder

Normally a contractor will be realizing a project according to the drawings and specifications and based on a contract with guarantees for prizes per unit and specifications of quality. But sometimes the client/ owner wants to build him-/herself, possibly with subcontractors. In case of self-building no contracts will be necessary, but a work description may be provided for with advice. Through building with sub-contractors you may need a number of contracts, which have to work together. We have the experience to provide this.

foundation plan

Contract drawing of Foundation.

Foundation Sada Shiva Dham

Self-involvement can lower the building costs. 
- You may begin by contacting us …

You may begin by contacting us for further information or to find out who we are. After all you have to confide in the architect of your choice and this cannot be taken lightly since it involves a great responsibility both ways. And you need to know whether you need an architect and what for, then let us come up with a proposal.

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