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"Space, essence of love"

… is a poem by Mrs. Raden Aju Jodjana. Creating space is my profession as an architect. Space is a relative concept; it’s the illusion we perceive with our senses. Esthetical qualities are what enriches our senses and stimulates our being. ‘A healthy living organism generates beauty’ is a thesis in one of my studies called the Anatomy of Dwelling. Such writers as the psychologist Abraham H. Maslow suppose a positive correlation between health and beauty. Realizing healthy building projects is our goal and through that to find ways to improve the human condition.

Cor de Kock
Enno Wiersma

Principle Enno Wiersma
Architect, Urban & Interior Designer

Photography in this Web site: Enno Wiersma (unless otherwise mentioned).
ew in Utrecht
Photo: Stan van Kol
Performance in an alternative setting for the architectural days in Utrecht on the subject "High rise buildings", -July 1, 1995.

Short Resume: Ir. Enno Wiersma B.I.

  • Master’s in engineering Architectural Department of Technical University Delft. Thesis awarded for application of Communication Sciences, in particular Information Esthetics.
  • Teaching Assistant in the field of Urban Planning at T.U. Delft over a two-year period.
  • Architectural projects include:
    - an urban plan for the center of the New Town Bloemendaal in Gouda.
    - an office building in the center of Amsterdam, exposed at international exhibition in Paris.
  • Habitation Space International Award 1981 for two projects: the Arts & Crafts Center in Amsterdam; the House in Haaften.
  • Our design principles are based on health & ecology and we promote the use of health inducing building methods such as adobe and straw bale building.
  • We are all round architects and designers with professional experience in all aspects of the building trade.
  • We apply insights in different climatic requirements and can take full responsibility for any kind of architectural project.
  • Our projects vary in scale between interior design and urban design with architecture as a major. Our projects include realized architectural, interior and urban designs. 
  • An international career includes projects in:
    The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Vienna (Austria), Tokyo - Osaka (Japan), Mali (Africa), Mexico, New York - California (U.S.A.).

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