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-- What we do.
Drawning South elevation
Photo South elevation
- What our work includes:
New Design & Remodeling



Residential & Commercial



Architectural, Interior & Urban Design



Overall, Construction & Detailed Designs



Specifications, Contracts & Supervision



Design Advice:

- Healthy Building/Living

- Ecological Building/Living

- Decision Making Process

- Esthetics

Overall design to the finest details.

- We make overall designs up to the finest details of both residential and commercial buildings.

- We make architectural and interior designs and our project history includes urban planning and design.

- We take care for the design of the construction and supervise the building process.

- We design all details to guarantee a sound combination of the construction and proper ventilation, insulation of sound and heat/cold, stabilization of room temperature and humidity of the interior spaces.

- We make specifications of materials and applications and supervise the budget.

- We make contracts with builders and help organize the building process.

- We promote ecological and healthy building.

- We develop and apply an esthetical theory, that generates esthetical qualities by improving the decision making process.

- We research the Anatomy of Dwelling in order to understand the total weaving of human life and to be able to advice on household matters in design.

- We live as much as possible a simple, ecological and healthy life and try to improve health through architecture.

- We try to popularize architecture and interest a larger public in being involved in improving our living environment.

- We make models and presentation drawings.

- We design with modular measurements and work with harmonious proportions.

Floor Plan of Sada Shiva Dham

plan sada shiva dahm

Detail of Elevation Drawing

Facade with arch

Detail of N-W Elevation

Facade with arch

Roof Detail in Cross Section

detail drawing

Roof Detail in Close Up

Roof detail

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